Rudra - The Aryan Crused (2001)

1. Aryaputra

The war has begun to destroy avidya
Annihilation of what is not,
watch us slaughter mercilessly

The Aryans are back, with knowledge supreme
The intellect is our weapon!
We're the warriors from the lap of eternity

Watch us invade, invading your minds
Gouging out the eyes of the blind
Revealing the way of the noble ones
Treading the path as the Aryaputras

Not the nomadic invaders from the North
But the noble warriors conquering the South

Not from the fictitious tale taught as history
But from the lineage of the noble Rishis
Neither colour nor race beholds nobility
But it is the Way, which makes us what we are

Watch us invade, invading your minds
Destroying the weak by the sword of wisdom
Removing the darkness from your minds
The intellect will shine in its own glory

[solo - kannan, selvam]

This is the fire that burns darkness to ashes
This fire of Aryadharma

2. Hymns To Thee

The youthful lord imparts the ageless truth
Under the Banyan tree, facing the south
Uprooting primordial nescience
With his burning eyes of wisdom
For the benefit of the four Rishis
He teaches the inconceivable truth
In silence he teaches
In silence the knowledge revealed

The guru of gurus
Teacher of Atmavidya
Lord of all learning
Whose nature is Ananda

With the chinmudra unfolding Brahmavidya
Duality vanishes without a trace

[solo - kannan]

om namah pranavaarthaaya shuddha jnaanaika moortaye
nirmalaaya prashaantaaya dakshinaamoortaye namah

[solo - kannan]

Beyond death he takes you
By staring into the eyes of death
Where there is no place to reach
By just listening you gain all there is

[solo - selvam]

The youthful lord imparts the ageless truth
Under the Banyan tree, facing the south
Uprooting primordial nescience
With his burning eyes of wisdom
For the benefit of the four Rishis
He teaches the inconceivable truth
In silence he teaches
In silence the knowledge revealed


3. Anantarupa

Advaita, Nirguna, Nitya, Ananta

Without beginning and without an end
A reality I cannot comprehend
The wise declare it to be only One
Beyond the reach of speech and mind

"That is Infinite, This is Infinite
From that infinite this infinite came.
From that infinite this Infinite removed,
What remains is the Infinite

That which doesn't change
That which has no age
No abode to attain, No throne to worship
Wherever I see, It sees!!!


That which pervades all, the undifferentiated cause
The effect not different, from the cause!!!

[solo - selvam]

Advaita, Nirguna, Nitya, Ananta

[solo - kannan]

4. Malevolent Creed

[solo - selvam]

Sacrifice in the name of God
Damnation of the lofty thoughts
Watching them die with innocent eyes
This is the sign of the malevolent creed

Is the belief in God necessary?
Is there a need for a creed?

Foolish beliefs in foolish minds
Idiots believe in those words divine
Intellectual circumcision
Bludgeoned by the blinding faith

Fools kill in His name!
People die for His abode!

[solo - selvam]

Minds clouded by dogmatic fools
Decorating lies with senseless truth
The beggar you are is the King in disguise
How long will this delusion last
What is there to gain when the Self is lost
Unthinking minds never realize this truth
Can't you see you are blind
Now it's time to crush these lies

Distinguish the fools from the wise
Cast off your faith, it's time to rise
Against all that makes you weak
From the clutches of this enslaving creed

[solo - selvam]

5. Burnt At The Stakes

6. Rudrapatni

[solo - selvam]

The wielder of time in human form (Jai Kali, Maha Kali)
In waves of time destroying the mortals born
Devourer of all that is ephemeral
She reveals the truth, non-dual

Cherish the seen by knowing the unseen
Enjoy the play from her lap of time
Mahaakaali, Bhadrakaali
Sanaatani, Rudrapatni,

Garland of skulls, the doership in time
Destroying the notion of 'me' and 'mine'
Standing upon Consciousness
The mother of this universe

[solo - kannan]


The blackness, the all pervasive space
I see the terror when I look at her face
Worship the terrible, worship Death
No more fear of my last breath
om kriim kaalyai namah

7. Amen

I see the devil in your preaching creed
Your talk is cheap but many deceived
None needs your holy bread of life
What I need is to see through your lies!

Fools of God
Blinded Dogs

Passion defeats compassion
You feed God to the starving mouths
Ulterior motive in every action
Calculated moves to ensure conversion

Fools of God
Blinded Dogs

Pride of the insane
Vulgar display of divinity

[solo - selvam]

8. Homage To The Seers

9. Manifesto Of The Demented

Thus speak the zealots of mankind
Fools without a questioning mind
Dogmas breed in their hypnotic words
Insecurity revealed in their preaching glory

Spreading Hate and disunity
Killing peace and harmony
Causing guilt and fear in men
Persecuting the innocent

This is the evil that holy men do
In the name of their religion

Opinions and lies taught as truth
Blinded in the name of good
Creating confusion and a despondent humanity

[solo - kannan]

They cheat, they lie, they make you weak,
They can't practice what they preach

[solo - selvam]

They cheat, they lie, they make you weak,
They don't practice what they preach

This is the evil that holy men do
In the name of their religion

[solo - selva]

10. Atmavichara

"I am" therefore let the enquiry begin!
The Self is the object to be known
The knower too is non-separate from the self
So who am I? What am I?

All my knowledge fails to reveal what I am
My ignorance causes fear of the world and my mortality
I doubt my self-existence. Is it or is it not?
The enquiry is in knowing what I am not

Am I the body or am I the mind?
Pain, pleasure, sorrow, tranquillity
All of which arises in me
I witness them all standing apart from them!

Not the body nor the breath
Not the ego nor the mind

[solo - selvam]

In the waking I perceive the world
In the dream I create my world
In deep sleep, being blissfully ignorant
I destroy them all

[solo - selvam]

"Sthoola sookshma kaarana shariraad vyatiriktah
Panchakoshaatiitah san avasthaa trayasaakshi
Saccidaananda svaroopah san yastishthati sa aatmaa" [*]

[solo - selvam]

Not part of the universe but it in me
In me it is yet I am not in it
Creation, sustenance and dissolution
I cause them all!!!!!

The one supreme is the I, like the eye of the eye
Existent in every thought, in every word and in every deed
Not an isolated experience but the only experience
I exist, I am aware, I am, I am-.

Neither the body nor the breath!
Neither the ego nor the mind
All of which arises in me
I witness them all standing apart from them!

[* a verse from Tattva Bodha]

11. Sad But True

You have to die to see the light?
Is the weight of the world on you?
Constantly seeking to change the world
But never to change yourself

You are a pain here but expecting pleasure hereafter?
You may be blessed but are you a blessing?

The desperate need for a savior
Is for the fool and the weak
In the dungeon you have fallen
Now you are blind to reason
Heaven is a promise, so is Hell
An experience is always welcome
Verses distorted, your faith transported
To a realm where perception fails

Can't you see the state you're in?
Desires replaced by the desire for Kingdom come
A comforting transient holy slavery
This is your fate, it is sad but true!

You are the human sheep sent to the slaughterhouse
"Forfeit your sanity to gain the Kingdom"
The clergy is waiting with a book in hand
Speaking in tongues to drown your screams
You're in pain but you are paralyzed
by the dogmas of 2 thousand years
Your right to question raped and gagged
To doubt is to sin and a place in Hades!


Freedom forgotten
Lost in the Herd
Your silent tears are seen
Your soul yearns for relief

[solo - kannan]

Throw away those notions, which were taught
By the heaven mongers and the blind fools
Be like the wise and not otherwise
Let the mission be wisdom!


[solo - selvam]

12. My Soul Is Marching On

13. I

[solo- selvam]

Knowledge frees you, Action binds you
Self Ignorance is Death
The need for a valid means of knowledge
is fulfilled by the shruti
In this razor sharp path of Jnana The words reveal what you are!!!!

Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya Aham Satchitananda swarupa

Names and forms depend on me. The universe shines after me
I am That, That thou art!. All pervading and all knowing am I
The self is all there is. Know this Truth! You are the Truth!
I am Chit, Absolute consciousness. I need no light to illumine me
That which cannot be negated in the three periods of time
Know it to be Satyam

[solo - selvam]

Spaceless and needless. Reducing sorrow to naught
I am Ananda swarupam

"You are the one seer of all and are surely ever free
Indeed this alone is your bondage that you see yourself
Not as the Seer but as something different" [*]

"You have no birth or death, no memory,
no bondage or liberation. Nor have you good or evil.
Why do you weep, oh dear?
Name and form belong neither to you nor to me" [**]

[solo - kannan]

"I am Brahma, I am Vishnu, I am Indra,I am Shiva.
All this I am. There is nothing except my Self" [***]

Know that you are the master and the ageless One
Nothing can enslave you forever!!!!
There is no moksha, neither is there samsara
Know that you are the Ever-Free

Brahma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Jeevo Brahmaiva naparah
Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Aham Satchitananda swarupa

[* - Ashtavakra Gita 1:7]
[** - Avadhuta Gita 1:17]
[*** - Vivekachoodamani 388]

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